VR6 Ignition upgrade kits
Increase performance & reliability by replacing the troublesome OEM coilpack.
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Pun intended 🙂 If you’re running a VW shop and would like to offer an ignition upgrade to customers with a VR6, I’d like to chat. Please get in touch and we can explore the opportunity.

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Shipping prices listed are actual quotes based on the weight of the specific items being shipped. 1 complete kit refers to one bracket, three coils, wiring, and hardware. Surface shipping offers no delivery date guaranteed or specified. XPressPost is guaranteed to arrive in the amount of days specified.

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Well, I received my shifter bracket bushings in the mail yesterday. I got the set from Vortex member Wolfyy98 who sells them on ebay: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Upgraded-Alum…#ht_500wt_1117 These are the three bolts you’re going to undo. Use a 14mm socket. You may need some extensions for your ratchet. When you have the bolts out, I found it helped […]

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Hey DW, I got the bracket and it looks fantastic. Thanks for making a quality product. -Jamie   This is absolutely the best route out there for getting MSD on your VR. I couldn’t be happier with DW’s bracket and support.